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What is a Supported Cycle Tour?

What is a Supported Cycle Tour?

There are many benefits to joining a supported cycling trip in Australia. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about a supported bike tour in Australia and how it is different to a self-guided or guided cycling holiday.

What is a supported cycle tour?

A supported cycle tour is a hybrid of a self-guided and guided bike trip. Think of it as a self-guided group tour led by a driver/escort (AKA the support!).

What does the driver/escort do?

The driver/escort leads the supported cycle tour. Unlike on a guided trip, the driver/escort does not accompany cyclists as you pedal along the trail. Instead, they will drive the van filled with everyone's luggage, help with any bicycle issues or problems that arise, and meet the group at designated stops for tea breaks and picnics. 
Another key difference is that the driver/escort is not the fountain of knowledge you'd expect from a guide, who would explain the local history and offer insights. This is not to say they don't know the best coffee spots in town!

Daily briefings and bike assistance

Besides shuttling your luggage along the way, the driver escort will provide a daily briefing on the upcoming cycle. For instance, they will tell you the number of kilometres to be pedalled, which town is the best place to aim for lunch at, and whether to expect any hills along the way. They'll also be within driving range to help assist with any flat tyres or bicycle issues you encounter.

Combining the independence of a self-guided trip with the social aspects of a group tour

The beauty of a supported cycling trip is that it brings like-minded travellers together, yet retains the independence of a self-guided ride where you can explore at your own pace. This means that you can set your own schedule during the day, then catch up with the group later as everyone uses the same accommodation and services. A supported trip is a great way to make new friends and have some camaraderie along the trip.

Picnics and tea breaks

Best of all, when you've broken a sweat and would love to rest in the shade, our driver escort will be there and have some creature comforts ready for you. Picture coffee and tea, fold-out chairs, and picnic lunches - you'd amazed what can be concocted by our master escorts! 
20211207_082937 |  <i>Shawn Flannery</i>
Do you have any further questions? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team by email or call 1300 114 966.

Have you been on a supported cycle tour before? What was it like? Let us know in the comments below.
Watch: Queensland Weekender cycles the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Watch: Queensland Weekender cycles the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Get an inside perspective on what it's like to cycle the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail by watching the below clip from the Queensland Weekender TV show. The short program sees host Chris join Paul and a couple of other BVRT enthusiasts as they cycle 30km from Moore to Blackbutt. 
One thing to note is that the entire Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is complete, and it's now possible to ride the entire 161km route from Yarramn to Wulkuraka (Australia's longest rail trail!). View our affordable self-guided cycling trip here
Make your own way along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail with our self-guided bike tour. The 4 day itinerary handles all logistics, including mountain bike hire, comfortable accommodation, route maps & information, daily luggage transfers and a transfer to the start of the route. Take a look at the trip.

Are you keen to cycle the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail? Let us know in the comment section below.
Watch: Wollongong 2022 UCI Cycling Course

The Wollongong 2022 UCI Cycling Course

The exciting coastal cycling route of the UCI Road World Championships has been revealed. The circuit starts in Helensburgh and goes as far south as Cringila, before finishing in Wollongong city.
The elite international cycling event is taking place in Wollongong, NSW, between the 18-25 of September. 
You can experience sections of the route yourself on our Sydney to Jervis Bay Self-Guided Cycle tour, which includes the magnificent coastal views of the Sea Cliff Bridge. Or view our full range of affordable cycling trips on the NSW South Coast.
Watch the official explainer video of the course route below.
"To close out a spectacular week of racing for the 2022 UCI Road World Championships in Wollongong, the Men Elite and Women Elite Road Races will unfold on the weekend of 24 and 25 September over three main components – the Helensburgh remote start, the Mount Keira Loop, and Wollongong City Circuit. 

Starting in the hamlet of Helensburgh, bordering Royal National Park north of Wollongong, the peloton will travel south to Stanwell Tops before passing by the region’s famous Bald Hill lookout and descending toward the city via Coalcliff and along the inimitable Sea Cliff Bridge. The athletes will traverse the northern beaches of the region including Stanwell Park, Coalcliff, Clifton, Scarborough, Wombarra, Coledale, Austinmer, Thirroul and Bulli, heading to Wollongong.

The Mount Keira loop features a substantial climb into the dramatic escarpment, peaking at 473m elevation. The mountain is favoured among local riders for its tough ascent, stunning sub-tropical surrounds and the lightning-fast descent through Kembla Heights, Cordeaux Heights and out to Port Kembla steelworks, the industrial heart and economic birthplace of the city.

Wollongong City Circuit – which is also the course for the Junior and Under 23 riders – is a technical route through the suburbs of Gwynneville, Mount Ousley, Mount Pleasant, Fairy Meadow and North Wollongong. The steady ascent along Mount Ousley Road to Mount Pleasant is deceptively tough – it features an average gradient of 7.7% and a maximum of 14% to reach a maximum elevation of 119m."
Wollongong 2022 cycling ourse map

Cycle the NSW South Coast with our range of affordable self-guided bike trips. 

Will you be watching the UCI Cycling Championships in Wollongong? Let us know in the comment section below.
Listen to the Trail Towns Podcast

Trail Towns Podcast

The Trail Towns boys are back! We loved watching their antics on television, and we love listening to their banter on the new podcast. Over the course of 9 episodes, Vandy & Deetz discuss cycling in Australia, bike advice, and they interview key figures in the industry such as Olympian Anna Meares and Tour de France legend Cadel Evans. 
Here's the podcast synopsis from their SEN webpage:
Trail Towns is a one stop shop for cycle tourism. Find out where to ride, where to eat, where to stay and where to play in towns and regions across Australia. Trail Towns is dedicated to encouraging more families, couples and friends to take a bicycle holiday and support regional areas. Join our hosts, riding enthusiast, Dieter Kahsnitz, and MTB world champion, Paul van der Ploeg, as they road trip across Australia and discover hidden gems across the nation. From quaint towns to bustling cities, historic and cultural insights alongside tantalising food and drinks, and rail trails to action packed mountain biking. Trail Towns has everything you need to discover somewhere new to visit, right in your backyard!
Listen to all 9 episodes of the Trail Towns podcast below, or find the episodes on SEN or Spotify.
Paul and Dieter from Trail Towns TV

Episode 1

Episode One of Trail Towns, the first lifestyle cycling show in the world, with Dieter Kashnitz and Peter Van Der Ploeg. SBS Broadcaster Mike Tomalaris joined the boys to chat about his love of cycling. They were joined by Tiff Winchester to reminiscence about The Goldfields episode. They spoke to New Zealand Tourism Manager Andrew Waddell and Top Tech Tips with Jamo.

Episode 2

Big episode of Trail Towns with Paul Van Der Ploeg and Dieter Kahswitz including the big news that the team have their own merchandise. Former Olympic champion Anna Meares joined the boys to chat about her love for cycling and her career. Topic of the week was on E-Bikes and the boys chatted in detail about how big they've become. EP of The Project NZ Jon Bridges joined the boys to chat about his love of cycling including his book called easy rider. Jamo joined the boys for this weeks top tech tips and they chatted about the Canberra episode.

Episode 3

Trail Towns this week saw Vandy and Deets chat to one of Australia's greatest ever cyclists who won the Tour De France in Cadel Evans from Switzerland. Vandy spoke about active transport and the meaning behind it. Belinda Wilson and Paul Chase joined the boys to chat about the Bravery Trust charity and Jamo spoke about the top tech tip of the week.

Episode 4

Vandy and Deets with a big edition of Trail Towns this week. Vandy chatted about the trails in Mount Beauty which are good to ride. The boys caught up with Olympian Saya Sakakibara and ABC radio host Lisa Leong chatted about her love of E-Bikes.

Episode 5

This weeks edition of Trail Towns with Vandy and Deets saw the boys chat about Vandy returning to Melbourne to ride. The founder of world trail, which is one of the big world trail companies in the world Glen Jacobs spoke about some of the famous trails he has built including the one in Norway and the film he directed called Mudcows. They also spoke to Scott Saddler who is the boss of The National Arboretum. Jamo came back with this weeks top tech tip of the week.

Episode 6

Episode six of Trail Towns with Vandy and Deets. Troy De Haas manager of Cadel Evans joined the boys to chat about his love of riding and working closely in the F1 and working with Red Bull. The boys discussed the North Island in New Zealand. Boss of GIANT bikes Darren Rutherford OAM spoke about GIANT bikes in detail and his love of cycling. Jamo joined the boys for his top tech tip which was about breaks.

Episode 7

Vandy and Deets with a big edition of Trail Towns. The boys spoke about their week on the trails. Olympian Mountain Biker Bec McConnell joined the boys to chat about representing Australia and her love of mountain biking. The quadlock topic of the week, the boys chatted about buying a bike. Henry Van Asch is the co-founder of AJ Hackett Bungee and New Zealand downhill mountain biker champion. The boys spoke about the great Victorian rail trail episode of the series and Jamo with his top tech tip of the week which was making sure you get your orders in early for Christmas.

Episode 8

Big edition of Trail Towns this week with Vandy and Deets. Channel Seven reporter and cyclist for the Tour De Cure Mark Beretta joining the boys. Matt Harrington from Yarra Valley council gave the boys an update on the trails at Warburton. The Knowledge with the top three rail trails from Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Member for Mawson Leon Bignall joined the boys to chat about the region and the many bike trails available. Minister for Tourism for New South Wales Stuart Ayres joined the show to chat about the return of tourism to the state. Jamo with his top tech tip to end the show.

Episode 9

Vandy and Deets with their Christmas special show with a guest list worthy of a big final show. Former radio presenter and chief communications officer of Foodbank Matt Tilley spoke about the organisation and his love of cycling. The boys previewed season two of the show in New Zealand. Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg joined the boys to chat about getting on the bike and if he keeps a bike in his office in Canberra. Jamo with a final top tech tip for 2021.

Where do you want the Trail Towns team to explore in seasno 2? Let us know in the comment section below.
We're Supporting Bikes on Regional Trains in NSW

We're Supporting Bikes on Regional Trains in NSW

At Australian Cycle Tours, we're naturally enthusiastic about cycle tourism in Australia. As such, we're proud to support a new campaign that is calling on the NSW government to make it more accessible to bring bicycles onto regional trains in NSW.
Currently, bikes need to be boxed before taking them onto regional trains which is an obstacle for cycling adventurers. Also, there is a 20kg weight limit on bike transportation, which excludes the heavier e-bikes that are growing in popularity. Both of these practices deter cyclists from exploring regional NSW on multi-day bike holidays.
Beergarden of the Royal Hotel in Mendooran |  <i>Michele Eckersley</i>
As the fleet of ageing trains in NSW is going to be replaced soon, this is a great opportunity to ensure that new trains can accommodate cyclists and e-bikes.
Trains with the capability to easily transport bikes are the norm in Europe and New Zealand and both travellers and the regional communities have benefited from this. You can view evidence of this on the Roll-On Bikes on All NSW Trains Facebook group.
Explore Europe in Summer |  <i>Browse for lots of ideas</i>
Read the full press release from Bikes on Regional Trains below.

Red Packing Tape is Strangling Regional Cycle Tourism 

NSW regional train service rules are blocking struggling NSW communities from taking advantage of one of the biggest opportunities in tourism in a generation.   
Growing e-bike sales have been extraordinary with an effective doubling each year since 2017 yet,  e-bikes are effectively locked out of regional NSW trains. 
Passengers with ordinary bicycles are also severely inconvenienced. 
By not providing roll-on bicycle carrying, NSW TrainLink is a big bottle-neck denying communities the benefits of potentially millions of dollars of tourism activity.  NSW must leverage all channels to recover from Covid lockdowns and position for a lower carbon future.   
Infrastructure Australia has identified opportunities for post-covid  ‘regional renaissance’ and reduced car dependency.  Train travel with a bicycle boosts tourism and helps ‘last mile’ journeys from the station to your final destination.  It will play a significant part in regional revitalisation and reducing car dependency. 
E-bikes are game changers for regional Australia.  Ever increasing range, affordability, reliability and swiftness of re-charging means people can travel far greater distances with confidence and ease irrespective of hills.  Using an e-bike to journey from village to town in a day is easily achieved by people of just about any age or fitness level.  
Support our campaign to change the current policy and ensure the new regional train fleet will take roll-on roll-off bikes in sufficient numbers to make a big difference to rural communities, enabling travellers with bikes to journey around all NSW without being forced into a car. 
If you'd like to get involved, visit the Bikes on Trains website for more information and join their Facebook group or Instagram page.
Explore Mudgee's Wineries & Vineyards On A Bike Tour

Explore Mudgee's Wineries & Vineyards On A Bike Tour

Even though Mudgee is getting more publicity on the world stage, with accolades from Australian Traveller magazine and TripAdvisor, it is still one of Australia's hidden gems when it comes to travel. Visitors adore the simplicity of Mudgee's country lifestyle and the genuine locals they meet. But most of all, travellers love the growing food and wine scene in Mudgee. 
Winemakers have been drawn to Mudgee's climate, which is perfect for growing grapes. As such, many vineyards and cellar doors have popped up in the region and are attracting many oenophiles (or wine-lovers!) to the area. 
We have created our Mudgee Explorer Self Guided Cycle Tour to allow travellers to fully appreciate this stunning wine region. Over 5 days, you can sample divine gourmet foods, pedal to historic attractions such as the Henry Lawson Memorial, soak up the lively local atmosphere, and, of course, sample exquisite wines. 
Cycling through the rural landscapes near Mudgee |  <i>Mudgee Region Tourism</i> Enjoy Mudgee's many dining options, such as Alby & Esthers |  <i>Mudgee Region Tourism</i> One of many renowned wineries in Mudgee |  <i>Bruce Baker</i>
Some of the highlights of our cycling tour itinerary include Pieter van Gent winery, Lowe Winery, Mansfield wines and di Lusso Estate, and Craigmoor Wines. However, being a self-guided bike trip, you are free to explore at your own pace and direction.
Learn more about our Mudgee Explorer Self Guided Bike Tour and start planning your cycling holiday to Mudgee's wineries. Or take a look at our Hunter Valley bike and wine tours.

Have you been to Mudgee? Do you have a favourite vineyard or tale to share? Let us know in the comment section below.
Cycle the Hunter Valley Wineries

Cycle the Hunter Valley Wineries

The Hunter Valley is the perfect destination for lovers of wine. Located just a couple of hours from Sydney, the Hunter Valley is ideal if you're looking for a wine-themed holiday that explores some of Australia's best vineyards and wineries. The Hunter Valley is home to Australia's oldest vineyards and it is recommended to try the local Shiraz and Semillon varieties.
And the best way to explore the Hunter Valley has to be on a bike tour. This is because the Hunter Valley terrain is relatively flat and lined with quiet country roads, and even has its own dedicated cycling trail, the Hermitage Bike Path. The vineyards are situated within close cycling proximity so you never need to ride too far between stops. Plus you can soak up the gorgeous country scenery along the route. 
Scenic view of Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard, Pokolbin |  <i>Destination NSW</i> Learn more about the wine making process when visiting Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley |  <i>Destination NSW</i> Follow the Hunter Valley's dedicated cycle route |  <i>Bruce Baker</i>
Our cycling itineraries feature stops at Rothvale Winery, Tintilla Estate & Olive Grove, Pigs Peake Winery, and the iconic De luliis Wines. There's also the option to visit the Iron Bark Hill Brewery if you want to sample a refreshing beer.
These conditions make for a cycling tour in the Hunter Valley that is achievable, fun, and memorable. Also, if you do need an extra boost in your pedalling, you can always upgrade to an e-bike. There really is no better way to discover the Hunter Valley than by a bike holiday!
At Australian Cycle Tours, we offer four self-guided trip options to explore the Hunter Valley.

1. Hunter Valley Explorer Self Guided Cycle Tour

Hang out with the locals at Hermitage Road Cellars |  <i>Destination NSW</i>
This is our original bike tour in the Hunter Valley. It's a 4 day/3 night trip, where you stay in comfortable accommodation in Pokolbin and follow our recommended cycling itineraries each day.

2. Hunter Valley Deluxe Self Guided Cycle Tour

Our deluxe accommodation in the Hunter Valley |  <i>Spicers</i>
This is the same tour as above with the key difference being that the hotel is upgraded to premium accommodation. Generally, we use Spicers Vineyard Estate, where you stay in the King Room’s which offer a spacious open plan bedroom and lounge space, a private ensuite with a spa bathtub and an open fireplace in the lounge.

3. Hunter Valley Short Break Cycle Tour

Enjoy beer tastings at IronBark Hill Brewhouse in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley |  <i>Destination NSW</i>
The Short Break edition of our Hunter Valley bike trips is ideal for those looking for a cheeky long weekend away. It's a 3 day trip that allows for a full day of cycling in the Hunter Valley - plenty of time to visit cellar doors! 

4. Hunter Valley Deluxe Short Break Cycle Tour

Cycle past the scenic vineyards near Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley |  <i>Destination NSW</i>
Just like the Short Break holiday except the accommodation is upgraded and features all of the creature comforts mentioned previously.
Looking for something different? We can tailor cycling itineraries specific to your needs, so feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we can help you plan a wonderful cycling holiday among the Hunter Valley wineries.

Have you been to the Hunter Valley before? Which wineries were your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below.
Cycling the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail: Photo Diary

Cycling the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail: Photo Diary

Erin and Luke took their young family on their first multi-day cycle adventure in Victoria. They were keen to cycle Victoria's High Country and chose the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail as their bike route. Being a self-guided bike tour, they were free to pedal at their own pace and stop off at the many various attractions along the way. Of the 4 ways to cycle the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail with Australian Cycle Tours, they decided to ride the Downhill Edition tour, partly because they were towing a child bike trailer, and partly because why not! The opportunity to coast downhill was too good to pass up.
View their cycle journey along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail via their great photos interspersed with the tour itinerary below.
The Murray to Mountains trip is great for families |  <i>Erin Williams</i>

Day 1: Arrive in Beechworth and spend the afternoon exploring this historical town.

Today make your own way to the historical town of Beechworth located in the North East of Victoria. After checking into your hotel you are then free to explore this charming town, set in one of Victoria’s ultimate wine and food destinations. Beechworth was a popular gold mining town in the mid 19th century and has many well preserved buildings to explore. You may wish to take a tour of the fascinating Beechworth Gaol, where the infamous bushranger Ned Kelly was incarcerated or sample the wonderful local produce at one of the local cafes or restaurants. Overnight in Beechworth.
Cycle through tree-lined paths on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
Cyclist on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
See the old tobacco farms on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>

Day 2: Cycle past farmland and eucalyptus to Milawa (33km), transfer to Beechworth.

This morning you will collect your bike from the bike shop in Beechworth. The focus for today is getting a taste of the fine produce of the region on a scenic day cycle as you get used to your bike. Heading off from Beechworth you will enjoy a fun descent along the rail trail towards Everton Station. Beautiful eucalyptus trees and verdant farmland line the road creating that classic Australian bush smell, making it a lovely days ride. 
Cycle on dedicated cycle paths on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
We pass by the general store in Everton, which is a good excuse to stretch the legs and get an ice cream. You then make your way to the Milawa Cheese Company, set in the historic Milawa Butter Factory. They have a wide range of cheeses you can try, and a gift store with some interesting items for sale. It’s then back on the bikes and onto Milawa Mustards. It’s well worth the stop here to taste the many mustards on offer, catering to everyone's taste from mild to hot. 
Cycling via farmland on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
You then head off to Brown Brothers, the recommended lunch destination. Brown Brothers have been making wines since 1889 and is still a family owned winery. There is a welcoming tasting room where you can sample the varieties and beautiful food for lunch which you can enjoy in the air conditioned dining room or outside in the sun. After lunch you will be picked up and transferred back to your accommodation in Beechworth. Overnight in Beechworth. Cycling distance: 33km, ascent: 32m, descent: 416m
Cycle in alpine Victoria on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
Cycling past a winery on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>

Day 3: Cycle past old stations and wineries, on gum tree-lined trails to Myrtleford (43km).

Today's ride starts with a short downhill cycle along quiet roads before rejoining the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. The countryside is classic Australian bushlands with gum trees lining the trail and rows of vines lining up to the hills. We cycle onwards past Brookfield and Bowman Stations as the trail gently climbs to Taylors Gap, before evening off for a nice easy ride to Gapsted winery. 
A cyclist enjoying a wine tasting while cycling on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
The Victorian Alps create a wonderful backdrop for a tasting and relaxing lunch at this cool climate award winning winery. After lunch it’s a short, gentle ride into picturesque Myrtleford town. Overnight in Myrtleford. Cycling distance: 43km, ascent: 205m, descent: 544m.
An example of the signage on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
Child enjoying a rest stop along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
Cycle through Victorian countryside on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>

Day 4: Visit fine produce stores and wineries en route to Bright (31km).

Today is an easy ride into Bright, with many opportunities along the way to stop and sample the world class local produce. Starting this mornings cycle along the rail trail the first stop is The Pumpkin Seed and Oil Store, which do all sorts of amazing things with pumpkin seeds. Further along the track you will come to the Buffalo Berry Farm, who sell ice cream as well jam, coffee and berry pie. 
Cyclist on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
After a gentle cycle through bushland you can stop for lunch at Ringer Reef winery, along with a wine tasting of course. Then it’s onwards to the beautiful town of Bright, where you can explore its many great cafes and restaurants along with the nearby National Parks. Overnight in Bright. Your bike and gear will be picked up from your hotel this afternoon. Cycling distance: 31km, ascent: 153m, descent: 48m.
Cycling into Bright to finish the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>
Cycling through the countryside on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>

Day 5: Trip concludes in Bright.

This morning concludes your cycling adventure along the Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail! You are then free to explore beautiful Bright at your own pace.
Experience the autumn colours on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail |  <i>Erin Williams</i>

There are 4 bike tour options to cycle the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail:
Or view and compare all 4 Murray to Mountains cycling options here.
Do you want to cycle the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail? Share your comments below.
Watch Tim Ross' ode to Capertee Valley

Watch Tim Ross' ode to Capertee Valley

We love this video that proclaims the beauty of Capertee Valley.
It's hosted by Tim Ross, the great comedian/radio host/design enthusiast/television presenter, who shows us the delightful scenery of the Capertee Valley and revels in the simple joys found in rural Australia.
While he makes his way through Capertee Valley in a vintage Land Rover, of course we're recommending cycling as the best way to truly become immersed in the countryside. Find all the details of our Capertee Valley in Comfort self guided bike tour and explore at your own pace.
This is what Tim Ross says about the video:

"What happens when a mate lends you the keys to a classic Land Rover? Jump in the passenger seat as we take you through the Capertee Valley and visit Edwina Bartholomew and Neil Varcoe ( the man who threw me the keys) and their picture-perfect farm, Warramba."

> See what all the fuss is about on our Capertee Valley in Comfort self guided bike tour.

Have you been to Capertee Valley? What did you make of it? Share your thoughts below.
Explore the SAS Australia filming location: Capertee Valley

Explore the SAS Australia filming location: Capertee Valley

Look past the tear gassing, the helicopter dismounts, and the freezing ice bath swims, and you'll see there's a lot of beauty to be found in the new TV show, SAS Australia. This is mainly because of the filming location, the gorgeous Capertee Valley. It's the perfect place for a self guided cycling tour.
Become immersed in the raw nature of Capertee Valley
Capertee Valley sits by the Blue Mountains in NSW. You can escape the big city lights of Sydney and reach the Capertee Valley in about 2 hours drive. Unlike the thrilling TV show, it's actually an incredibly relaxing region that's largely undiscovered by tourism. Capertee Valley is also home to the world's widest and longest enclosed valley - 1km wider than the Grand Canyon!
Capertee Valley, the filming location of SAS Australia season 2.
For a relatively minor adventure, take a look at our Capertee Valley in Comfort self guided bike tour. Featuring hot showers, comfortable accommodation, and even the pleasure of an e-bike - and definitely without any of the physical or mental challenges the contestants faced in SAS Australia. 
Picturesque: The jaw-dropping setting is roughly around 50km west of Sydney
Amidst the filming locations of SAS Australia, you can clearly see the World Heritage-listed wilderness, which includes the Wollemi and the Gardens of Stone National Parks.
Admire the timelessness of Capertee Valley on a self guided bike tour
Catch glimpses of the unspoilt nature of the Capertee Valley in the trailer for SAS Australia below or watch the full series on Channel 7.

Have you explored Capertee Valley? What did you make of it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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Yomads offers adventures for the 20s and 30s on six continents. Designed as a way to bring young and likeminded travellers together, Yomads caters to those interested in lightly structured and active trips that allow freedom to roam and explore.
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Australian Cycle Tours specialises in high quality self guided and guided cycling experiences in a selection of the most beautiful regions in Australia.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/WEX.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="World Expeditions"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>World Expeditions</div>
The pioneers of original, worldwide adventure travel holidays since 1975
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/TJX.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Trail Journeys"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Trail Journeys</div>
Self-guided cycling experts on New Zealand's Otago Rail Trail and more
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/BMAC.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Blue Mountains Adventure Company"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Blue Mountains Adventure Company</div>
The original Blue Mountains canyoning, hiking, climbing and abseiling experts
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/GWNZ.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Great Walks of New Zealand"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Great Walks of New Zealand</div>
Explore New Zealand's most spectacular wilderness regions with the self-guided hiking experts
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/NAA.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="North America Active"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>North America Active</div>
USA Canada hiking & cycling tour specialists, choose from self-guided or guided trips